Family History

This page will contain information and materials on family connections and will be used to provide information to the broader family kinship group on family achievements, significant leaders who have inspired,  us and other interesting and creative things. It will also have some info on our different walks in life, some oral history, sport, music and yes some kids stuff will be on it too.

Profile on Thomas Granpa Shadrach James, 1859-1942

Uncle William Cooper and his vision for humanity, 1861-1941

Grandfather Henry Harmony Nelson, 1855-1925

Spear of the Pen: Writings of William Cooper, Shadrach James, 1930s

Images of Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung Ancestors & Relatives (c)

The Cummera Choir

Images from return to study with outstanding National Aborignal Education, Program, South Australian Institute of  Technology, North Terrace, Adelaide: A major turning point in ones journey of learning

Graduates of  South Australian Institute of Technology, 1977

Class of Australian Indigenous Scholars, SAIT, Adelaide, 1975

Grandpa James with his student at Old Maloga Mission, 1881

Cummera Invincibles Footy Team and their Descendants in the AFL Cultural Continuity, Yorta Yorta Achievers and Cummera Connections

Location of Cummera and Maloga

Mission Voices: Stories of Cummeragunja & other Aboriginal Reserves

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4 Responses to Family History

  1. Tammi McKay says:

    Hi I am looking into family history so far I’ve found out that my great great mother worked as a house keeper and them had my great pop who is Samuel lawford I was trying to find the name of his mother and her family so far I’ve been told she was from the yorta yorta tribe was wondering if u could help

    • waynera says:

      Hi Tammi you need to identify who your family connections are so that the ancestors you mention can be located if they are Yorta Yorta regards Wayne

  2. Cathy hagarty says:

    Hi I think my pop was from the yorta yorta tribe, could you please help me find out if they did. My pop name was Larry hagarty son of Clara Helen little

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