Profile: Dr Wayne Atkinson-Yorta Yorta

Gulpa Gaka anganya -Gaka Yawall Ngulla Yenbena Yorta Yorta Woka

Welcome friend come and walk with us the people of Yorta Yorta Woka Country, Traditional Sovereign Owners,  welcome you to Country

Dr Wayne Atkinson is an elder of the Yorta Yorta-Dja Dja Wurrung Indigenous Nations of the Murray-Goulburn and Central Victoria  region, Australiasee-Biography.

For most of his life Wayne has worked in Indigenous Affairs, specialising in research, writing, teaching Indigenous studies, and in land and heritage reform.  For the past three decades Wayne has worked on Yorta Yorta land and heritage matters and was a principle claimant in the Yorta Yorta Native Title Claim (1994-2002). He was responsible for researching and preparing the previous claim for the Barmah Forest in 1984. This claim was made before the Mabo decision, 1992 and  formed  the basis of the Yorta Yorta v State of Victoria and Ors (1994-2002).

The Yorta Yorta Native Title Case YYNTC, was dismissed on appeal to the High Court in December 2002, dealing a bitter blow to the Yorta Yorta land justice struggle, 1860-2017. Being such resilient fighters for justice the Yorta Yorta bounced back on the political front and negotiated land justice and land management agreements with the Victorian State Government. They reasserted their inherent rights as the Traditional Owners of their ancestral lands and waters and were successful in achieving  some justice in  2008-9. This was achieved, through the effective political campaign for National Parks and Joint Management Agreements of the Barmah-Millewa Forest Wetlands-the heartland of Yorta Yorta traditional territories. It is a  remarkable story that is  a key  feature of this site, and an  important resource for  the teaching of Indigenous Studies and other cultural awareness education -see Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice.

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Teaching Oncountry Group:  Academy of Sport Health & Education, Shepparton, 2011

Academic Background:

Dr Atkinson completed his academic studies with LaTrobe University and was selected as Indigenous scholar of the year in 1996. His studies in the disciplines of Archaeology, History, Politics, Legal Studies, and Human Rights, were  used to complete a PhD on the Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice in 2000. The thesis analyses the extent to which the Yorta Yorta have gained land justice on the basis of their inherent rights. In the words of  his great Uncle William Cooper, a National and International campaigner for Indigenous justice, the thesis argues that ‘Not One Iota’ has been delivered to his people at this point of the ongoing struggle.  Whether the creation  of National Parks, Joint Management and the option of a hand back leaseback agreement,  delivers the land justice that the  Yorta Yorta have waited patiently for,  is now back on the front of the political agenda. The Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Joint Management Body YYTOJMB has been established which has a majority of Yorta Yorta representatives chosen to represent Yorta Yorta interests in  the Management Plan for the future management and care of the National Parks.

Indigenous Studies Courses being taught at University of Melbourne

Dr Atkinson was recently recognised as a  Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne. He continues to teach Indigenous Studies at the University in the School of Social and Poltical Science and at many other Education Institutions in Australia and overseas. His course: POLS30028: Oncountry  Learning: Indigenous Studies, that he teaches in Yorta Yorta  country (2003-2018) has achieved outstanding success. The course combines the talents and teaching skills of  Yorta Yorta achievers,  Lou Bennett, Shane Charles  Andrea James and Yorta Yorta elders-see Quality of Teaching Results.

As a Senior Fellow and Yorta Yorta/Dja Dja Wurrung elder, Dr Atkinson enjoys mentoring other Indigenous students and is currently working on research projects focused on family history and  comparative Indigenous history  in Ireland,  Mauritius, India and Sri Lanka. He has just finished a major family history project tracing the footsteps of his great Grandfather Thomas Shadrach James who studied medicine at the University of Melbourne before the turn of the 19th Century. The project is the culmination of a lifetime search of family history and connections similar in scope and design to the popular SBS series ‘Who do you think you are’?

Music as  Medium of Communication

On the social side of life,  Wayne is an accomplished musician, playing guitar, bass guitar and singing vocals and harmonies with the legendary Shades band of his home town Echuca on the Murray River-Dungula in Yorta Yorta. He also played with many other bands in the country and city gigs, and continues to play at community functions and the Oncountry Learning courses held in Yorta Yorta country. He actively encourages members of his broader family group to pursue music as a career path including his niece Lou Bennett who he mentored  in her successful music career with the famous Tiddas Band  Tiddas achieved National and International fame in the 90s with their original and exceptional harmony style music. His nephew, Simon Johnson is also a talented bass player carrying on the tradition from the family music lines playing bass and singing  backup vocals with popular Indigenous musician, Troy Cassar Daly.


Dr Wayne Atkinson

International Experience: 

In his  pursuit of knowledge and cross cultural understanding, Wayne has  travelled extensively. During the course of these travels he has contributed to building bridges between, Indigenous communities  and academic institutions throughout the world.  His journeys of  learning  have included North America, Europe, the South Pacific, Asia, South America, Mauritius, India, Sri Lanka and recently Spain and Morocco. He has conducted research, given public talks in Universities, collected genealogical data and presented papers on comparative Indigenous issues in the following places: London, Leicester University, National University of Ireland, Galway,  Hokkaido University, Japan, Monash International education centre, Prato, Italy, Mauritius, India, and New Zealand. In 2010 he visited China to study water and cultural heritage issues and has recently done cultural heritage visits to sites in Ecuador as a guest of the Kichwa people and to Machu Pichu in Peru, South America to study the cultural heritage of the famous Inca Nation. Much of the information from these visits have an Archaeological focus and are beneficial  for teaching timelines of Indigenous occupation in Australia including locating Yorta Yorta cultural heritage sites in a global context. 

Wayne is  a  regular Visiting Fellow at the National University of Ireland Galway. He participated  in the Summer School program  in Irish Studies in 2008 and  presented talks on comparative colonial history. He also took the opportunity  to complete  an intensive  Certificate program in the  Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School, Galway, 2013.   From this extensive experience Wayne  has  produced materials on British Colonial policy and practice in former British colonies. He has taken a special interest in the tracing the origins of the reserve system and the policy of segregation and control which he argues is connected with 16th Century British policy and practice in Ireland. The formula of isolation and control, is a colonial practice  that  was down pat and more formidable when it reached Australia in the 18th century. It was  used to dispossess, segregate and control Indigenous people, similar to those practices used in Ireland centuries before-see Searching the Origins of Aboriginal Resererves through the Lenses of Cummeragunja: The Irish Connection

Other International studies have included Indochina and visits to sites in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. These studies were aimed at gaining a broader understanding of south East Asian history, culture and economic development. While in south East Asia Wayne visited the Hill Tribes of Thailand and stayed in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam.  He has also traveled extensively in Western Europe conducting research in Portugal and Spain, examining  Western European colonisation practices in the 1517th Century and the impact of British colonisation on  Indigenous Australia in the 18th Century.  Whilst in Spain he  took special interest in  the ‘Treaty of Tordesillas’ signed  between the Portuguese and the Spanish at Tordesillas, Spain, 1494.  This Treaty was used to divide  the newly discovered lands outside Europe between Spain and Portugal   before other major colonising countries came into the fold for their share of the riches gained by invasion, exploitation and genocidal practices.  Research materials from the intentional visits are used for lectures on Colonisation, at the University of Melbourne, Victoria University  and other Universities in Australia 2006-2018.

Mauritius & India Research: Thomas Shadrach James (1859-1946)

From  2012-2016.  Wayne has worked on the  family history research project that traced the origins of Thomas Shadrach James parents and relatives back to Mauritius, Chennai, (formerly Madras in the Tamil Nadu region of India)  and Sri Lanka. He  was able to locate the birthplace of his Great Grandfagther (Granpa James)  parents and relatives in Mauritius, India and Sri Lanka. The research project  will add to the heritage of Thomas Shadrach James, his studies at the University of Tasmania and Melbourne, and his marriage into  the Yorta Yorta community in 1885.  His dedication to the Yorta  Yorta  peoples education and  well being has left a profound legacy for his descendants,  many of whom have followed his footsteps,  and achieved in higher education at the University of Melbourne- see photos of graduates at Murrup, Barak, Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development, University of Melbourne.  This is a work in progress project dedicated to the  memory of Granpa James’ amazing contribution to the Yorta Yorta Struggle-see Tracing the Origins of Granpa James: A Journey of Discovery, 2017.

Dr Atkinson was able to reflect on this lifelong journey of his great grandfather’s influence in education and teaching  when he was awarded the T.G.Tucker Medal for excellence in scholarship and teaching at the University of Melbourne, 2018. The award was formally presented at the Conferring of Degree Ceremony in the Royal Exhibition Building attended by 600 graduates and their families. Wayne proudly accepted the invitation to give the Occassional Address to the audience of over a 1000 people in which he praised the inspiration of his great Grandfather for his education achievements. This was certainly one of the significant  highlights of his career path in Indigenous Studies and education.

Teaching Outcomes

In teaching outcomes, Dr Atkinson has a long list of achievements.

He has taught Indigenous Studies for many decades and was recently awarded the prestigious Australian Government Teaching Award  for Teaching Excellence, 2013.  and the 2017 Faculty of Arts T.G Tucker Medal for Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to Indigenous Education. ‘Oncountry Learning has become a Jewel in the Crown of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts’  program (Dean of Arts Faculty: Conferring of Degrees Ceremony, 2017).

List of Awards for Teaching 1996-2018

The Oncountry Learning course continues to produce outstanding results and much to Wayne’s delight he now enjoys a vast network of students located in different parts of the world, many of whom he keeps in touch with through the medium of social media. Indeed some of his travels have included catch ups  with former students who have been generous in accommodating Wayne and his wife Cathy during their visits- a very handy  network  to have through teaching. 

In his constant drive for further knowledge, Wayne continues to enjoy worldly travels. He visited and researched Archaeological sites in Northern Spain to increase his knowledge on the origin of Artistic expression  in the form of rock art which he studied at the world heritage  Rock Art site of Altamira  in Northern Spain. While in Spain he also studied  some of the political history of the Catalonia and Bask Region of Spain. He also participated in a four hour lecture on the Spanish Civil war in Barcelona after reading George Orwell’s epic version of the war in his ‘Homage to Catalonia’ book, 1938.  On return to Australia he spent some time in Eastern Europe familiarising himself with the pre and post war political history of Slovenia in the former Balkans region, under the former Hungarian-Austrian Empire , 1867-1918.  Wayne completed research work  in Sri Lanka in 2016. This was an important   research project that completed the last leg of the Family History project discussed. 

Plans for further studies and travels are underway for this year, 2018,  after teaching the  Oncountry Learning course now in its 15th year. In the meantime Wayne spends time organising the Oncountry course, giving guest lectures, playing guitar and spending much time in the vegi garden he and his wife Cathy have created in their backyard in Montmorency.  

University of Melbourne Tucker Award for Teaching Excellence, Scholarship and Contribution to Indigenous Education, 2017

Written Work

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Tucker Award for Outstanding Achievement: Teaching Excellence and Contribution to Indigenous Education, University of Melbourne, 2017.

Occasional Address Graduation Ceremony: T.G.Tucker Medal for Teaching Excellence, Royal Exhibition Building,  2017. 

Short Biography on Dr Wayne Atkinson, winner of T.G.Tucker Medal, 2018.

Commitment to Indigenous Employment University of Melbourne:  Research Paper, School of Social & Political Science, University of Melbourne, 2018

Dr Wayne Atkinson-Yorta Yorta Senior Lecturer & Fellow
School of Social & Political Science,
University of Melbourne


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4 Responses to Profile: Dr Wayne Atkinson-Yorta Yorta

  1. Maire O'Donoghue, Claretuam, Co. Galway says:

    Having met you thro’ unusual circumcsances last July and being literally. Bowled over by you and your wife Cassie and your interest in Indigenenus people and one of my sons in Oregan working with the Dept of environment, I was over come but still keen and hoping when you get to Galway summer2016 we can see a few sights. My beloved Tom died in Nov. Last and you and Cassis Would have ticked all his boxes for him but hopefully I will have our eldest son , also Tom when you get here, very interested in land wrights. Hopefully I too will have done a bit of reading on the subject.
    May your God go with you until we meet again. Com.

    Máire O’Donoghue, Claretuam, Tuam, Co. Galway irl. House no. 3539355959 353 872729299

    • waynera says:

      Hi Maire sorry have been busy with teaching and at this stage we wont be back in Galway this summer. Sorry to hear about the passing of your husband and best wishes for the new year. Hope to back in Galway in 2017 all going well. Cheers Wayne and Cath

  2. Dr Atkinson,
    I am writing a novella at the moment for an 8-10 year old audience and I want to have one of the main characters to be a boy from one of the Yorta Yorta clans. I am, however, very aware of how much I don’t know about the Yorta Yorta people and I do not wish to misrepresent the character.
    I am wondering, could we begin a brief email dialogue so that I can ask some questions, tell you what my thoughts are and get your impressions? I have some very specific goals with my writing and a broad ethnic diversity is key to many of them.
    Thank You
    Bob Cartledge

    • waynera says:

      Sorry Bob I am heading overseas for 4 moths and the best contact I can give you for your inquiry is to get in touch with the Yorta Yorta Nations Corporation which you can locate online and discuss your proposal with then Good luck with it Regards Wayne

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