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Oncountry Learning Crew from 2005 Course at Landing Point in Barmah Forest for session on Land Water issues with guest speakers from Yorta Yorta Nations and Land, Water authorities. Many of these students have completed their Degrees and are now working in their different chosen career paths, some are lawyers and others have continued their studies at the post graduate level. Once exposed to the plight of the Yorta Yorta people and the injustices that they have endured since colonisation many have become supporters of the successful campaign for the Barmah-Millewa National Parks. Many thanks go out to them for walking in solidarity with us and for their contribution to the cause.
Readings and Links to Relevant Sites
Please not this is a working site where relvant materials on Yorta Yorta history, culture, and issues on the Barmah-Millewa Forest wetlands, and the Oncountry Learning course, become available. It provides a broad brush of written, oral, and video materials on the Yorta Yorta struggle for land justice that culminated in the Native Title Claim, 1994-2002, and the more recent campaign for the decleration of the Barmah-Millewa National Park weltlands and the Land Management ownership and management now being negotiated between the Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation and Federal, State and Local Governments. Hope you enjoy the diversity of materials provided by Indigenous and non Indigenous scholars.
Key Readings
*Alford, K. White-Washing Away Native Title Rights: The Yorta Yorta Land Claim and the Tide of History, in ARENA journal no. 13, 1999, pp. 1-15.
Atkinson, W.R.Ngariarty: Speaking Strong: The Schools of Human Experience, Chapter on Cummera Walk Off, in First Australian, ed Rachel Perkins & Marcia Langton, The Miegunyah Press,Carlton Victoria, 2008, pp.285-287.
Atkinson, W.R. Relationship between Land and Water Research paper prepared for Yorta Yorta Nations Inc, 1997.
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Atkinson, W.R A Holistic View of Land & Heritage , Working Paper, Department of Political Science, University of Melbourne, 2004.
Atkinson, W.R. Not One Iota: The Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice, PhD Thesis, Law and Legal Studies, LaTrobe University, 2000.
Atkinson, W.R. Koori Cultural Heritage & the Struggle for Ownership and Control, Department of Political Science, 2000.
Atkinson.W.R. Searching for the origins of Reserves through the lenses of Cummeragunja: The Irish Connection, Draft Paper in print, 2008.
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Ramsar Wetlands Report – February 2, 2009
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The Water Rat Story as told by Shane Charles, Oncountry, 2013, from Ronald Morgan, 1952, transcribed by Andrea James, 2003.
Wood, C. Institutional Racism and the Dharnya Centre , Research Essay, Oncountry Learning course, 2012.
Yorta Yorta Nations Inc: Final Report on Management Plan for Yorta Yorta Cultural Environmental Heritage Project, 1999.
Yorta Yorta v State of Victoria and Ors (1998): The Olney J. Decision.
Yunupinga, G. We know these things to be true, Third Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture, August 1998.
Lecture Materials:
Barmah-Millewa National Park, 2005
Joint Management & Yorta Yorta, 2004
Management Agreements & Indigenous People, NSW, 2004
Victorian National Parks Association : Barmah-Millewa Project
Yorta Yorta & Media Representations, 2004
The Need for a cross-border Barmah-Millewa National Park & Joint Management with the Yorta Yorta, 2010
Research Papers on National Parks and the Yorta Yorta, 2010
Cultural-Tourism and the Yorta Yorta, 2010.
National Parks & Joint Management, 2009
Yorta Yorta Nation Aborignal Cooperative
Friends of the Earth Campaign for National Parks
Victorian National Parks Association Red Gums Campaign
National Parks Association, New South Wales, Save the Red Gums Campaign
Other Materials on Yorta Yorta can be found at the following websites:
Reflections on the Yorta Yorta Native Title Claim, 1994-2003’ at:
‘Balancing the scales of Indigenous Land Justice in Victoria, 2006’ at:
Dharnya Centre Page at:
Community Perspectives on Native Title:
Summary of Cooperative Management Agreemnat:

Yorta Yorta Creation Story:


Biami Creation Story: Name of author to be supplied (c)


Story of the Lakes: Artwork of Norm Stewart, Yorta Yorta 

Online Material




POLS30028 On Country Learning Briefing Notes – 2018

POLS30028 On Country Subject Guide 2018_final





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