Written Work

Written Work and Research Papers

Atkinson, W.R. A Picture from the Other Side: Oral History of Cummergunja, Manuscript,Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies, Canberra, 1981.

Atkinson, W.R. Oral History: Oral History: An Aboriginal Perspective on Collection & Documentation, in Aborigines and Schooling, ed. W. Menary, Adelaide College of the Arts and Education, 1981.

Atkinson, W. R. A Look at North American Indian History Programs: Some ideas for Aboriginal Programs in Australia, Australian Government Publishers Canberra, 1982.

Atkinson.W.R  Aboriginal Controlled & Community Based Research, Paper presented to 10th Anniversary of Aboriginal Task Force, South Australian Institute of  Technology, Nth Terrace, Adelaide, 1983.

Atkinson, W.R & Berryman, A. Aboriginal Associations with the Murray Valley Study Region, Victorian Land Conservation, Council, Report, 1983.

Atkinson, W., Langton, M., Wanganeen, D., Williams, M. Aboriginal History: A Celebration of  Resistance to Colonisation, in Hill, M., Barlow, A, eds Black Australia 2, Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Canberra, 1983.

Atkinson,W.R. The Koori Oral History Program, in M. Birtley and P.McQueen, eds New Responsibilities: Documenting Multicultural Australia: Towards a National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia, 1989.

Atkinson, W.R. Living as a Koori in Victoria, Interview with Albert Mullet, in the LaTrobe Journal, no 43 Autumn, 1989.

Atkinson,W.R. Growing up on the Mooroopna Flat, in Jackomos, A & Fowell, D. Living Aboriginal History of Victoria: Stories in the Oral Tradition, Museum of Victoria, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 1991, pp.178-193 (Extracts of Oral Knowledge).

Atkinson, W.R. Deaths in Custody & Inequality for Indigenous Australians Increases, in Wirridjiri, Koori Edition of Rabelais August 1995.

Atkinson, W.R. The Question of Indigenous Sovereignty,   in Wirridjiri, Koori Edition of Rabelais August 1995.

Atkinson, W.R., Poulter, J. The Origins of Aboriginal Football Skills, in Wirridjiri, Koori Edition of Rabelais August 1995.

Atkinson, W.R. Koori Cultural Heritage in Victoria & the Struggle for Ownership & Control, Hons Thesis, Law Faculty & Indigenous Studies, LaTrobe University, 1996.

Atkinson, W.R. The Yorta Yorta Struggle for Justice Continues, in Majah: Indigenous Peoples and the Law, ed Greta Bird, Gary Martin, Jennifer Nielson, The Federation Press, Sydney 1996.

Atkinson, W.R. Historic Overview of the Aboriginal Experience, in Aboriginal Health: The Ethical Challenges, ed Norman Ford, Caroline Chisholm Centre for Health Ethics, Melbourne, 1998.

Atkinson,W.R. Not One Iota: The Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice, PhD Thesis, Faculty of Law, LaTrobe University, 2000.

Atkinson, W.R. Pathway to Land Justice through Legislation & the Common Law, in Not One Iota: The Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice, PhD Thesis, Faculty of Law, LaTrobe University, Chaper 5. The Mabo Setting, 2000.

Atkinson, W.R. Management Plan for Barmah-Millewa Forest, Manuscript, Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation, Barmah, 2000.

Atkinson, W.R. Yorta Yorta Survival, From: Atkinson. W. R. Not One Iota: The Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice, PhD Thesis, LaTrobe Univetsity, 2000, Chapter 3.

Atkinson, W.R. 19 Seconds of Djunguma  Waala (Yorta Yorta word for big flood), Reflections paper following Olney Decision, 2000.

Atkinson, W.R. Not One Iota: Reflections on the Yorta Yorta Native Title Claim, 1994-200, in Indigenous Law Bulletin, February – March Vol 5, Issue 6. 2001.

Atkinson, W.R. A Holistic View of Land & Heritage,Paper presented in Indigenous Rights: Land & Heritage Course, School of Social & Political Science, University of Melbourne, 2001.

Atkinson, W.R. Mediating the Mindset of Opposition: Yorta Yorta Mediation Process, 1995, in Indigenous Law Bulletin, February -March Vol 5, Issue 6. 2002.

Atkinson, W.R. Reflections on the High Court Decision in the Yorta Yorta Native Title Case, 2003.

Atkinson, W.R. What did the vote mean to the Yorta Yorta, in Chesterman, J. & Phillips, D. eds Selective Democracy: Race, Gender and the Australian Vote, Melbourne Publishing Group, Armidale, Victoria, 2003.

Atkinson, W.R. Giving Voice to Indigenous Australia, Hyllus Maris Memorial Lecture, LaTrobe University, Bulletin News, 2003.

Atkinson, W.R. Talk given to Hyllus Maris Memorial Lecture, , Latrobe University, April, 2003.

Atkinson, W.R. Reconciliation & Land Justice: You can’t have one without the other, in Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues Volume 7, Number 2, June 2004.

Atkinson. W.R. Barmah-Millewa: Some thoughts for future directions, in Park Watch, No 216, March 2004, pp17-20.

Atkinson, W.R. Submission to the Environmental Assessment Coucil on Yorta Yorta Connections with the River Red Gum Forests On Public Land in the Study Region,Victorian Environmental Assessment Council 6th Floor, 8 Nicholson St, East Melbourne 3002. Victoria, Australia, 13 June, 2005.

Atkinson, W.R. Indigenous Land Justice & Colonisation,  Lecture materials for course: Indigenous Rights: Land & Heritage, School of Social & Political Science, University of Melbourne, 2005.

Atkinson, W.R. Yorta Yorta Occupation & the Search for Common Ground, in Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, Volume 117 Number 1, Special Issue on Barmah-Millewa Forest: Indigenous Heritage, Ecological Challenge, Editors: A.R. Ladson & G.C. Lacey, Royal Society, Melbourne, Victoria, 2006.

Atkinson, W.R. Balancing the Scales of Indigenous Land Justice in Victoria, 2006, in Land, Rights, Law: Issues of Native Title, Native Title Research Unit, AIATSIS, Canberra, Vol 3, No. 5. 2006.

Atkinson, W. R. Yorta Yorta & Guinness go hand in hand, in Tain, The Australian Irish News Network, Sep-Nov, 2006, pp.20-25.

Atkinson, W.R. Fine words but few deeds, in The Age, 10 April, 2006.

Atkinson. W.R. Constructing Indigenous Identity through Western Eyes, in Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2006.

Atkinson, W.R, Searching the origins of Aboriginal Reserves through the lenses of Cummeragunja, Paper, presented at 5th Annual Conference on Settler Colonialism, National University of Ireland, Galway, 2007.

Atkinson, W.R. Reflections on the Yorta Yorta Native Title Claim, 1994-2003, in A. Gunstone (ed.), History, Politics and Knowledge: Essays in Australian Indigenous Studies, Australian Scholarly Publishing, North Melbourne,  2008.

Atkinson. W.R. Major Victory for Yorta Yorta at World Indigenous Peoples Summit, Japan 2008, in Koori Mail, August, 2008.

Atkinson, W.R.  Justice & Beauty in the Barmah Forest, Herald Sun, 1 September 2008.

Atkinson, W.R.  Ngarriarty: Speaking Strong for Country , in First Australians, Perkins, R., Langton, M., eds, Melbourne University Press, 2008.

Atkinson,W.R. The Cummera Walk Off & the Return to Base Camp Politics,  School of Social and Political Science, University of Melbourne, 2009.

Atkinson, W.R. The Dharnya Centre: A Case of Institutional Racism, in Park Watch, No 233, June, 2008.

Atkinson, W.R Joint Managment of National Parks: What can be learned, from Kakadu & Mutawinji? pp. 19-28 of Research Project, University of Melbourne, 2009.

Atkinson, W.R . The Need for a Cross-Border Barmah-Millewa National Park & Joint Management with the Yorta Yorta, ResearchPaper, pp.49-56, Research Project, University of Melbourne, 2009.

Atkinson, W.R. National Parks & Joint Management, in Park Watch, Victorian National Parks Association, December, 2009.

Atkinson, W.R. Cultural Tourism & the Yorta Yorta Experience: A Case of Excusion or Inclusion, Research Paper, Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation, 2009.

Atkinson, W.R. National Parks & the Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice: The Barmah-Millewa Case, Research Paper, University of Melbourne, 2009

Atkinson, W.R. National Parks & Joint Management: A better deal than Native Title?Research Paper, University of Melbourne, 2010.

Atkinson.W.R. Native Title & the 80/20 Equation, in Koori Mail, edition, 484, 8 September, 2010.

Atkinson.W.R. The Yorta Yorta Nation: Moving forward with a Vision for the Future, Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation, The Adviser Australia, Shepparton, No 1:1017, 27 October, 2010.

Atkinson, W.R. A Chronolgy of Yorta Yorta Struggle for Land Justice, 1860-2010: A prima facia case for prioritising Yorta Yorta Nations in the Governments Land Justice Agenda, Yorta Yorta Nations Aboriginal Corporation, 2010.

Atkinson,W.R. Media Representations & Indigenous Voices in the Barmah-Millewa Campaign , Research Paper on Barmah-Millewa Campaign, 2011.

Atkinson, W.R & Burchill, A. Conflict of Interest Matters in the Bolt Case, Background Paper on the Bolt Case, 2011.

Atkinson, W.R. An  Overview of  Indigenous Human Rights in Australia,2012  National University of Ireland, Galway,  2012.

Atkinson, W.R. Native Title in Australia: The Yorta Yorta Case, Research Paper,  National University of Ireland, Galway, 2012.

Atkinson, W.R. The Failure of Native Title & Human Rights Options in  the Yorta Yorta Case,  Research Paper, School of Social and Political Science, University of Melbourne, 2013.

Atkinson, W.R. ‘The Task Force Story: Looking Back and Journeying Forward, 1975-77′ :  Recalling 40 Years of Tertiary Education, for Aborignal and Torres Islander People‘, David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences University of South Australia, 2013.

Atkinson,W.R. Institutional Racism alive and well in the Barmah Forest: How white ants and white politics combined to undermine the Dharnya Centre, 2013.

Atkinson, W.R. Tracking the Origins of the Reserve System through the lens of Cummeragunja :  Paper presented to the  ‘Ends of Ireland: Twentieth Australasian Conference for Irish Studies’, UNSW, 4-7 December, 2013.

Atkinson, W.R. Reflections of  the National Apology, 2014: Paper presented to Commemoration of the 6th Anniversary of the National Apology, Shepparton Regional Reconciliation Group, Queens Gardens, Shepparton, 13 February,2014.

Atkinson,W.R. Empowering Traditional Owners through Joint Management of National Parks: Paper presented to Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Joint Management Board, Yorta Yorta Nations Corporation, Shepparton, 30 Nov, 2015.

Atkinson,W.R. Introduction to Yanagai Yanagai, in  Andrea James,  Yanagai Yanagai, Currency Press, Sydney, 2016.

Atkinson.W.R.Welcome to Country:  Yorta Yorta Joint Management Board, Workshop, Morning Glory, 10 December, 2016.

Atkinson.W.R.  1916 Easter Uprising Commemoration:  Talk given to Commemoration at Celtic Club, 19, March, 2016.

Atkinson. W.R. S.18C: Response to Tony Burke’s Call to Prevent Changes, 2017.

Atkinson.W.R. Granpa James and the Scholars Hut: Research Paper for Oncountry Learning Course, 2016.

Tracing the Footsteps of Granpa James: A Journey of Discovery:  Manuscript on the family history project conducted in Mauritius, India and Sri Lanka, 2012-2016, University of Melbourne, 2017. (in review).

Tucker Award for Outstanding Achievement: Teaching Excellence and Contribution to Indigenous Education, University of Melbourne, 2017.

Occasional Address Graduation Ceremony:  T.G.Tucker Medal for Teaching Excellence, Royal Exhibition Building,  2017.

Short Biography on Dr Wayne Atkinson, winner of T.G.Tucker Medal, 2017.


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